Virtual Training Online

with Coach Jackie


Virtual Sessions are being offered by Coach Jackie in an effort to keep the kids engaged, on a schedule and active. Sessions can be run through Face-time or Skype.


Facetime - 609-577-2415

Skype - jackie.sasko


Sessions will include feedback on whatever the athlete is currently working on, 2-3 drills that they can do on their own and exercises to do while home. We encourage that you are warmed up and ready to execute drills that will help you with the skill.

$10 Skill Review.JPG

Are you training at home? 

GTP will be offering a $10 Skill Review to those GTPers who are interested in receiving feedback on their training.

Simply send us your 1-3 minute video and we will video or message back to you with feedback, drills and suggestions for you to make. 

Videos can be sent to 609-577-2415 or to

1 Week Softball Pitching Program.JPG

GTP will send you a 1 week Individualized Pitching Workout. This workout will be geared to work on your weaknesses and strengthen your strengths. The pitching program will be 2 or 3 days depending on your needs. 

We will be available by phone with any questions you have regarding the drills or programming. If needed, we will send you a video of how to do each drill.