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Motivational Mantras

by Jackie Sasko

As a coach and mentor for athletes it is important that we not only teach them the physical aspect of the game but the mental and emotional side as well. Our goal is to create athletes that use positive talk when coaching themselves through tough spots. Positive Talk creates confident and strong minded athletes who can learn to preserver through anything! It is simple...

Think about how this sounds to the pitcher standing on the mound facing a batter with a 3 and 2 count - "Don't loose her Jess" or how does this sound. "Throw it right by her, You got this." What we say to our athletes is very important because it will reflect in their play.

Start the trend of 

Motivational Mantras and Positive Talk

What to do next to order:

Pick your favorite saying or quote, fill out the form and we will send you a proof of what the vinyl image will look like. If you'd like a car decal or sign we can do that too! Just make that note in the order form. The options are endless! These mantras and decals can be put on any hard surface like windows, walls, helmets, water bottles, etc. The fee for the decal will be between $3-$10 depending on how big or small the project is. Payment can be sent by mail or Venmo.

Our main goal is to spread the word on positive talk!

Order Form:
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