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Are you training at home? 

GTP will be offering a $10 Skill Review to those GTPers who are interested in receiving feedback on their training.

Simply send us your 1-3 minute video and we will video or message back to you with feedback, drills and suggestions for you to make. 

Videos can be sent to 609-577-2415 or to

GTP will send you a 1 week Individualized Pitching Workout. This workout will be geared to work on your weaknesses and strengthen your strengths. The pitching program will be 2 or 3 days depending on your needs. 

We will be available by phone with any questions you have regarding the drills or programming. If needed, we will send you a video of how to do each drill. 


Virtual Sessions are being offered by Coach Jackie in an effort to keep the kids engaged, on a schedule and active. Sessions can be run through Face-time or Skype.


Facetime - 609-577-2415

Skype - jackie.sasko


Sessions will include feedback on whatever the athlete is currently working on, 2-3 drills that they can do on their own and exercises to do while home. We encourage that you are warmed up and ready to execute drills that will help you with the skill.

Virtual Training Online

with Coach Jackie

Private + Semi Private 

Sessions are geared around the player's needs. These half hour or  hour long sessions can be modified to your liking. Areas of development include and are not limited to hitting, pitching, fielding, position specific training, base running, bunting, slap hitting and sliding. 

Half Hour Sessions $45

Hour Sessions $90

Share an hour with a friend or teammate to make a semi private lesson. Fee for each athlete is $45 for the hour. 


Group Classes

Classes are filled with 3-8 athletes depending on the type of class. Our main goal in the class is to educate, instruct and teach proper mechanics and form. Our goal is to create a positive learning experience for every athlete. Group Class instruction includes hitting, pitching, catching and skills&drills. 

Regular Classes $25

Beginner + Skills&Drills $15

Create your own private group class. If you have 3 to 5 friends or teammates interested in training we can customize a schedule and class time for just your group! 


Team Training

Customize your Team Training with our professional staff. Traditionally we encourage 6 to 8 week sessions for teams but you have the option to do Team Clinics with us as well!

Together GTP and your coaching staff organize, coordinate and construct a training model for your team. We offer Team Hitting and Defensive packages. The fee is based hourly not by the number of athletes on your team. We encourage the coaching staff to participate and learn during the session! We want to share our knowledge with the entire team. 


Hour Team Hitting

Team Defense

Team Clinic


We have proudly trained the following groups:

Robbinsville Little League, HGSA, NJ Breakers, NJ Cheetahs, Allentown Redbirds, Central Jersey A's, Hamilton Hurricanes, HGSL, South Brunswick Vikings, US Elite, Pennsburry Gems, Steinert High School, Allentown High School and many more..

Off Site Camps + Clinics

GTP has done many baseball and softball camps and clinics! We partner with local little leagues, organizations and teams and run training sessions for their athletes. We can come to you or use our space at our locations.


Recruiting Videos

Need a recruiting video? Coach Jackie and her staff put together 5-7 minute videos for the athletes. This package includes:

  • 2 hours of filming at Team85

  • Finalized video is published on YouTube

  • minimal edits to the original film

  • Display all areas a college coach needs to see

  • Unlimited edits - multiple proofs are sent if needed

  • $300 check or cash

Coaching Clinics

GTP is here to help! We offer Coaching Clinics for teams, leagues, parents and coaches. Let us share our knowledge with you. Sessions can be geared around the needs of your organization or group. We recommend at least 1-2 hours each session to cover the material needed. The Coaching Clinics can be held offsite or at Team85!

For more information contact us directly! 

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